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s we see it -

The biggest problem in the horse industry today:
We have forgotten the ghost in the machine.

Who or what is the ghost in the machine?
It's the horse itself.

No matter what our competitive demands,
The nature of the animal
has not changed
In thousands of years.

What we ask of him ...
What we do with him ...
The environment
we ask him to work in ...
The tack we put on him
... has got to be

"About The Horse"





What We Do:

In our 4,000 sq. ft. facility in beautiful southern Minnesota, we design and manufacture fine saddles and other leather goods. We use old-fashioned care and natural materials to produce saddles for the modern horse's back. Our objective is to fit your horse with a saddle that will help him move freely while also helping you to sit comfortably.

Who Can Order a Saddle from Us?

You, the individual horse owner, are our primary customer. Our company and its products are primarily designed for you. You may call us directly to place an order at
1-507-459-8670 or E-Mail to

Help for Horse and Horse Owner:

We believe that knowledgeable consumers are the best and happiest customers, and we are thus committed to making books, videos, and programs on saddle fit and related topics readily available to you. For the very modest price of $24.95, we have a 45-minute videotape entitled "About Saddle Fit" which clearly illustrates the principles of saddle design and saddle fit. To order call 1-507-459-8670 or
E-Mail to

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