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David Genadek

David is a Master Saddle Maker who spent over 25 years perfecting his craft. He apprenticed with some of the country's premier saddle makers and saddle manufacturers, including Crates Leather Company.

David began is career learning the fine arts of carving and tool making. In addition, he is an expert in leather production and pattern design.

In 1994 David founded About the Horse, Inc., a premier saddle design and manufacturing company, and produces barrel racing, trail riding, reining and roping saddles. About the Horse Inc. returns to the basic anatomy of the horse for saddle design and fit.

David is a student of Dr. Deb Bennett, a researcher in the field of bio-mechanical analysis of form in horses. Her Equine Studies Institute encourages cooperation and networking among horse owners, trainers, lay therapists, veterinarians and other professionals to benefit horses. David has also partnered with Peggy Cummings, a nationally recognized riding instructor, to ensure that his saddles properly seat the rider. He works with horse experts, Mark Rashid, and Harry Whitney.

In addition to his saddle manufacturing business, David also presents clinics in the U.S. and Canada on proper saddle fit. Clinics focus on how to place and secure the saddle without pain for the horse, properly choosing padding for a more comfortable fit and how the rider's position in the saddle affects the way the saddle fits the horse. He addresses the difference between men and women in saddle fit, and covers issues for both Western and English saddles. Participants are encouraged to bring their own saddles for demonstration. Clinics are educational in nature and do not include a sales pitch.

David has been the subject of feature articles in Horse & Rider and in Western Horseman. His goal is to continue educating both others and himself in the complex process of fitting saddles to horses and their riders.

A boy and his dog!

A boy and his weiner dog!